Monday, December 18, 2017

My Christmas card story:

Sending Christmas cards has been on my To Do List for the last two years with cards purchased well in advance and stored in my closet.  But they never made it out.  Life got in the way.  It is an overwhelming task to think about first personalizing all the cards, writing all the addresses, buying stamps, and then getting them to the post office.  So procrastinator that I am, these tasks always got pushed to the bottom of the list, until it was too late and by default "Send Out Christmas Cards" got removed from my To Do List.  So I saved the cards for the next year. 

What I discovered last year is that I started to receive fewer cards.  My friends dropped me from their card sending list as they thought I had dropped them from mine.  How could they know that noone on my list got a card?  They just knew that they didn't get one.  And that doesn't feel good. 

"Acting on my promptings to reach out in kindness to others has made it back into my daily life through the use of the SendOutCards system."

NOT THIS YEAR!!  Since I found SendOutCards, this will never happen to me again.  In fact, my holiday card is designed and set to go out in the mail on the day of my choosing.  I've also already sent out another 80 cards just in the last two months as a normal part of my life honoring birthdays, sending congraulations and thank you's, and just thinking of you cards.

And that does feel good!


If you really want to learn more about how to still get your cards done for this Christmas and New Year season, I'll be glad to give you a personal demo (can be done online via a conference call or webinar) or you can try out the system yourself and send 2 FREE cards.  Your holiday cards can be done in less than an hour!!


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SendOutCards is an online system to send out REAL, very personalized greeting cards (not e-cards!) in as little as 1 minute and for as little as $1 dollar.




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